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Name:Lady Door of the House of Arch
Birthdate:Dec 4
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Door is the head of the House of Arch, still trying to pick up her life from where it fell apart when her family was murdered on the orders of the angel Islington. Since she defeated him, she has found Milliways, her sister, and love in the form of a young Tom Riddle. She now resides in the [info]house_of_arch with an odd assortment of houseguests, including Liz Bennett, Peter Pettigrew, and Anakin Skywalker.

Door is a very pretty young woman. She has auburn hair that tends to stick out in odd directions and very strange eyes. "They were not blue, or green, or brown, or gray; they reminded him of fire opals: there were burning greens and blues, and even reds and yellows that vanished and glinted as she moved."

She wears a great deal of black, although always of different fabrics and fashions, and often has several tattered layers of clothing. Door is almost never seen without a leather jacket, which is several sizes too large for her.

Important Note: As of May 2006, Door is under new management.

(Note: Door belongs to Neil Gaiman, who is an utter genius, and is from his miniseries and novel Neverwhere. This is a fictional journal for the purposes of playing in [info]milliways_bar.)
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